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Critical Illness Insurance

Every 30 seconds someone files for bankruptcy after loss of income due to illness or injury...
78% of those had health insurance

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The miracle of today's medical advances may save your life, but can create long term financial challenges. Many patients are unable to work for a substantial period of time, return to their previous profession, or are unable to work altogether. 

Critical Illness

Critical Illness plans are a form of catastrophic insurance  to supplement, not replace, your medical insurance. Offer a lump sum payout at time of diagnosis of a covered illness.


Critical Illness plans generally cover cancer, heart attack and stroke. Some policies may include multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, Alzheimers, deafness and blindness. Plans pay out a lump sum directly to you. The payout can be used for whatever your needs, treatment, mortgage payments, childcare or bills.

Cancer Policies

Cancer plans, similar to critical illness policies, pays you a lump sum benefit with the diagnosis or treatment for a covered cancer.


The benefit you receive is paid directly to you and may be used as you see fit.

Group Critical Illness Policies

Critical Illness is a preventative policy designed to alleviate the financial burden that comes with the diagnosis of covered critical conditions. Some carriers include up to 21 covered critical illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer and the diagnosis does not need to be terminal. Upon diagnosis, a tax free, lump sum, cash benefit is paid directly to you. You have the freedom to use it for anything from deductibles, prescriptions, childcare to mortgage payments. Health Shop can help you incorporate critical illness policies into your benefit portfolio.

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