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Historically, group health insurance premiums have always been higher than individual market premiums. However, with the employer contribution, still a great buy for the employee, gives the employer a competitive edge to keep quality employees and offers tax advantages to both the employee and the employer. 

yer chooses.

It Just Got Better.

The past several years have brought countless changes to our health care system.  Individual health plans have seen - premiums rise 10 to 40% annually, higher out of pocket expenses, and of course the limitation to purchase a plan once a year at open enrollment in January.  

On the other hand, small group plans have:

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  • Remained more stable in cost.

  • More constant in benefits.

  • May still be purchased when the employer chooses.

  • Tobacco users are not rated up.

Do You Own a Small Business

Group health plans do have particular requirements and vary per carrier, however, many carriers have lessened employer  contribution levels and minimum participation requirements, allowing more businesses to qualify. A Win Win for employers and their employees. Supplemental products such as dental, life and disability are often less expensive and not medically underwritten with a group health plan.


If you answer yes to the questions below and would like to learn what a group plan could do for you and your employees, give our brokers a call. We can generally tell you if your business would qualify and run a quote the same day. 

Do You Own a Small Business

Do You Have One or More Employees

Each carrier has specific requirements in order to begin a group health plan. Feel free to contact us to see if your business may qualify. 

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