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Online Hr Tool for Employers

We offer all employers access to a powerful online system giving you a comprehensive view of benefit and human resource information. This online site provides information on benefits, employment laws, posters, video tutorials, as well as customizeable forms such as employee handbooks and more.  Access state law information, new hire reporting requirements to overtime, unemployment, work comp etc. We think you will find this online tool very informative and helpful in the running of your business.

This online system provides access to:

  •  Thousands of pages of benefit and HR content from the latest in health care reform, state and federal employment laws, Cobra, Osha safety, wellness  programs and more.

  •  Over 600 downloadable forms, policies and model notices. ie: HR forms, employee handbooks, required posters.

  •  Easy step by step guide on the implementation of COBRA and FMLA.

  •  Recruitment and hiring sections with simple "Steps to Success" guides to help implement major HR functions such as interviewing, hiring, orientation, reviews and terminations.

Employee Notice Requirements

It is important for employers or plan administrators to provide specific benefit notices as well as non related health documents to employees at various times throughout the year. 

Health Shop has created an affiliation with an online service allowing employers to create customized notices and documents online for a discount. You also receive guidance on when and how these notices are to be delivered, distribution reminders and newsletters with important employer information.

  1. Example of required notices:

  2. Notice of Exchange

  3. Patient Protections Notice

  4. Summary Plan Description

  5. Medicare Part D Notice

  6. CHIP  

  7. Continuation of Coverage   

  1. Womens Health & Cancer Rights

  2. Mental Health & Addiction Equality

  3. Summary Plan Description

  4. Medicare Part D Notice

  5. Summary Material Modification

  6. Michelle's Law  

  7. Newborn and Mothers Health Act 

 POP (Premium Only Plans)

POP plans are a basic type of cafeteria plan allowing employers to pay employee health / ancillary premiums on a pre-tax basis. Cafeteria plans or POP plans must meet specific requirements and regulations of the Internal Revenue Code.

Medicare Part D

Employers should make special note of the Medicare Part D employee notice and annual online disclosure to CMS. Employers sponsoring group health plans that include prescription drug coverage are required to notify all Medicare-eligible individuals whether such coverage is creditable. Creditable coverage means the coverage is expected to pay, on average, as much as the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage.

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