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Today Wellness programs are more that just a few yoga classes. More and more businesses in Colorado are adding Wellness Programs to their health benefit packages. Some companies go all in, while others do wellness on a smaller scale, and that's just fine. What's important is recognizing the role employee wellness can have on your workforce and your bottom line. We work to find the program that works for your company.

 Humana's Go 365 Wellness Plan

Employers of all sizes share a similar challenge: Employees who are distracted by or dealing with personal and/or health concerns and are not to able fully focus on their work. As a result, employers encounter decreases in productivity, that of turn, leads to decreases in business revenue. EAP and Work-Life help boost productivity, reduce absences, and optimize engagement.

Every year, employers lose billions of dollars due to employee stress, depression, household responsibilities and family obligations . 

Employee Assistance Program

At an employee level, EAP and Work-Life create a support system to help the employee handle challenging life situations. EAP consultants provide assistance and referral support. Employees simply call a toll-free number available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by experienced EAP professionals who have a master’s degree and on average of 15 years of experience. Humana EAP consultants and its national network of EAP providers work with employees to address their issues, and can also refer them to community and local support services

Work Life Services

Work-Life specialists carry out research on all types of daily-life needs and provide guidance and customized referrals, saving employees and their household members time, effort, and stress. 

  • Tickets to shows/games, local gyms, community youth programs, home repair...

  • Nannies, family day care, day care centers...

  • Home healthcare providers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community-based programs...

  • Access to free 30-minute consultations with financial counselors and attorneys on issues such as real estate, retirement planning, divorce and separation, budgeting/debt reconstruction, and trusts and estate...

  • Website links to the best of the web resources, including thousands of articles, tip sheets, calculators, checklists on work and life topics.

Employer Assistance Program

Employers and managers can obtain guidance of an objective manager consultant to gain a new perspective on everyday work issues. The EAP provides consultations for organizational and team concerns, employee evaluations, managing difficult employees, and polishing supervisory skills. 

To explain how a Wellness Program might work for you, let's take a look at  Humana's Go 365. Humana consultants help members to accumulate points to improve their life and the opportunity to lower monthly health premiums up to 15 percent. 

Group Wellness Plans

Go 365 Impact Study at a Glance

According to a three year study by Go 365, employers currently focus on healthcare programs to improve workforce performance and lower medical care costs. 19% of employers currently use a program and 46% say they are looking to take the plunge in three to five years. The Go 365 three year study results showed engaged employees had fewer unscheduled absences, lower overall health claim costs and fewer trips to the emergency room and hospital.

Less Absenteeism

Employees not engaged with Wellness Program averaged 23 hours of unscheduled absences. While engaged employees had six fewer days  on average.

Lower Claim Closts

Over a three year period, employees engaged in the Wellness Program lowered health claim costs by 10.1 percent. Employees unengaged rose by 17 percent on average.

Fewer Lifestyle Chronic Condition Risks 

Less Emergency Healthcare

Engaged members in the "Low Risk Range" increased by 24.4 percent, while unengaged employees only rose 14 percent in the low risk category.

Engaged members had 56 percent less emergency room visits and 37 percent less hospital visits.

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