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Health Insurance Services in Denver, Colorado and Surrounding Areas

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The concept of life insurance is simple. You pay a premium for a specific amount of time, in case of an untimely death, a beneficiary will receive the amount listed in the policy. However, not all insurance policies are the same.

Term Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides a death benefit for a specific number of years, typically between 5 - 30 years. 


Term insurance policies generally provide the largest death protection at the lowest cost. When the term is up, you no longer have coverage. However, policies can usually be converted to a permanent policy up to a certain age.

Whole Life  is a type of permanent policy and will continue to pay a death benefit as long as you pay premiums, no matter your age. It also accumulates a cash value, therefore premiums are significantly higher.

You can also borrow against the cash value for any reason, amounts not repaid will be deducted from the policy's death benefit.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life is a type of permanent policy similar to Whole Life, offers more flexibility but is more expensive.

You can increase or decrease benefit amounts and premiums are adjusted accordingly.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is an extremely valued additional benefit and is a very affordable way to provide added protection for employees and their families.  There are a wide variety of plan designs available, speak to a Health Shop agent to find the right one for your business.

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